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What our clients say

James and Lesley Stone

"Gerry is highly skilled and does a large proportion of the work himself. Of the subcontractors that Gerry used, all have worked for him on previous builds, all had a high standard of workmanship and we felt comfortable having them in our home.

Gerry was checking their work and working along side them, it made us feel very reassured."


Ping, Client

"中国人做任何事情都讲究缘分,那么买房子也自然和缘分分不开。 到澳洲来的一年多时间里,几乎每个周末都是在看房中度过,大大小小的房子看过不下几十套,可就是没有适合自己的,就在对买房子渐渐失去信心的时候,一位朋友的介绍,让我走进Gerry Flood 在海边造的一套房,我与它的缘分也就从那天开始了。


Dr Josephine Ong, Client

"The building materials used by Gerry are of top quality with practical usages. Design of the house is modern and beautiful. His after sales service is superb.  When small defect is reported, he will repair it promptly. I have lived in this house for almost 4 years.  I find safety, comfort in the house and feel completely satisfied.

Gerry Flood is a responsible builder with professionalism."

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